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Open-source & cooperatively owned. We make software for intentional communities.
Explore intentional communities around the world.
Organize online with other intentional communities.
Discuss, teach, and learn about intentional communities.
Add your voice and ideas to the intentional communities movement.

We're all in this together.

Grow The Community is a completely non-profit, grassroots, open source endeavor. We strive to make tools that will revolutionize the global intentional community movement and we believe those tools should be free, transparent, and cooperatively managed. With the amazing power of the internet, we can stick to our values 100% and throw out the old profit & hierarchy business model.

Intentional community on the internet.

The cornerstone to creating a free and cooperative organization is a vibrant community. To support this project-for-the-people, we need people power aka volunteers. And in return we offer co-ownership of everything; how the site looks, is maintained, even how funds are allocated. We will utilize state of the art e-democracy software to allow everyone to participate, with as little or as much enthusiasm as one desires. In other words, we are creating an intentional community on the internet.

Join our quest for a better world.

With no borders, no profits, no hidden agenda, we invite anyone passionate about community living to join us. What kind of help do we need? We could use coders that are proficient in HTML, PHP, and mySQL. We could use artists of all kinds (ideas: help beautify the site, write us a song, make a sculpture that we can take on tour, screen-print t-shirts we can give away). We could use advertisers to put up flyers and talk to your local communities. We could use good communicators to help our users with their questions. We believe any skills you have we can find a creative use for.

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"We can start now, start slowly changing the world!"

We have zero profit goals and are dedicated to being a non-profit resource for the betterment of community living. All generous donations will only be used for supporting the people and communities that use this site. Our duties include HTML-coding, advertising, user support, site updating, site beautifying and server rental. You can donate with PayPal by clicking below, or if you would rather use snail mail then contact us at

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