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An online toolbox for intentional communities
to connect and collaborate towards a better future
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Open-source & cooperatively owned. We make software for intentional communities.
Explore intentional communities around the world.
Organize online with other intentional communities.
Discuss, teach, and learn about intentional communities.
Add your voice and ideas to the intentional communities movement.

We make tech tools for intentional communities.

Communities can now share an instant, global dialogue. Opening up a new world of organizing and networking.

Intentional communities have always been at the forefront of creating a better future. Not just envisioning it, but hand crafting a society we know is possible. With the power of the internet, we now have a wealth of new opportunities. Let's start organizing with our fellow communitarians across the globe and see what we come up with. We dare you to think big and make it happen.

Who we are and what we believe in.

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